I'm Gajendra

a software developer


Development C++17, 14, 11, Python, C
Build Systems CMake, Jenkins, Docker, CI, git,
Jira, Confluence, bit-bucket
TDD GTest, GMock, CMocka
Communication Protocols Paho, Mosquitto

Work Experience

Year Organization Position Project
August 2019-Present 2020 TTTech Auto Gmbh C++ Software Developer Safety critical software development for ADAS
October 2018-July 2019 TUM Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, IWB, C++ Software Developer physics based simulation development for industrial
process automation of small mechanical part alignment
April 2018-September 2018 Siemens AG München, Python, data analysis data analysis for large scale rotating machines to deterimine
anomaly in vibration frequency for failure prediction and maintainance

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